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ANti-tick vaccines to prevent TIck-borne Diseases in Europe

ANTIDotE is a consortium of 7 European research institutes funded by the European Commssion to investigate anti-tick vaccines. Our objective is to identify and characterize tick salivary gland proteins involved in tick feeding and tick-borne pathogen transmission, and to use this knowledge to develop and assess anti-tick vaccines to prevent multiple human tick-borne diseases.

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ANTIDotE: anti-tick vaccines to prevent tick-borne diseases in Europe

Sprong HTrentelman JSeemann IGrubhoffer LRego ROHajdušek OKopáček PŠíma RNijhof AMAnguita JWinter PRotter BHavlíková SKlempa B,Schetters TPHovius JW.
Published online Feb 21, 2014. doi:  10.1186/1756-3305-7-77


Ixodes ricinus transmits bacterial, protozoal and viral pathogens, causing disease and forming an increasing health concern in Europe. ANTIDotE is an European Commission funded consortium of seven institutes, which aims to identify and characterize tick proteins involved in feeding and pathogen transmission. The knowledge gained will be used to develop and evaluate anti-tick vaccines that may prevent multiple human tick-borne diseases. Strategies encompassing anti-tick vaccines to prevent transmission of pathogens to humans, animals or wildlife will be developed with relevant stakeholders with the ultimate aim of reducing the incidence of tick-borne diseases in humans. Read more